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CMP Publications  (CMP) is a publishing firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Established in 1986, the company began publishing in the fisheries and marine sectors.  This has now evolved to include many fields, but the company is dedicated to researching, publishing and / or distributing information and books related to the natural and social sciences. 

CMP was first known for publication of The Canadian Fisheries and Ocean Industries Directory (CFOID), 2nd and 3rd edition. The 2nd edition achieved recognition from The Department of External Affairs, which purchased 300 copies for world-wide distribution to Canadian Embassies and Consulate offices. The book also won first prize in the publications category at the Lunenburg Fisheries Exhibition.  The 3rd edition was chosen to represent all Canadian marine industries at the World Fishing Expo in Copenhagen Denmark in 1989.

Other significant CMP productions and publications have included:


  1. Canadian Fish and Shellfish Exporters Directory (CFSED), 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions; for the Department of External Affairs and International Trade.



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  1. Fish Facts: An Illustrated Guide to Commercial Species, published by Van Nostrand Reinholt, NY, NY. 



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  1. World Fisheries Map (2nd edition) a signature publication for the International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD),  which attained a 30,000 copy international distribution.



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  1. More recently, CMP has published books such as The Fisheries of North America, Tall Ships Pirates and Treasure in Nova Scotia and The Coming Food Revolution; as well as a host of special reports in other categories.


Development and production of the these publications required a dedicated research team to compile, write, edit, proofread, index, produce graphics, organize, lay‑out and typeset. These procedures, as well as financial record-keeping, are generally all performed in‑house.


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